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Don't Waste My Time

Asch the Bloody
2 June
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Character's full name (western style): Asch the Bloody [Luke fon Fabre]
Anime/manga/video game that the character is from: Tales of the Abyss
What school year your character is going to be: College Senior
Background info on your character (Include any changes to fit into the Avoria world~):

From the day he was born until the day he was ten, Asch the Bloody was known as Luke fon Fabre, son of Duke Fabre and nephew of the King of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. He was engaged to Princess Natalia (because he proposed to her when he was little x3) and had fun running around the capital city and trained often with his Master, Van. He often hung around with one of his servants named Guy Cecil.

That all changed, however, when he was kidnapped by Van and taken to his family's old vacation home (Choral Castle), and clone via fomicry and a second Luke was made. It was thought that the neighboring kingdom, Malkuth, had kidnapped Luke--and when the Kimlascan forces arrived at Choral Castle they found only Luke's replica who had no memory of anything; he had just been born. That replica was taken in and given his name, and the real Luke was recruited into the Oracle Knights (those who served the Order of Lorelei, who foretold a prophecy of one with red hair that will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity). He took up a new identity as Asch the Bloody, the one born from the remains of the noble named Luke.

Using Van's fighting style with a combination of his own, Asch rose quickly in the Order and became an immensely powerful swordsman. He acted outwardly cold and arrogant (lucky for him he has the skills to back up his arrogance), and deep down harbored a great resentment for the replica that replaced him as Luke fon Fabre. He hates him for stealing away his life, and often calls Luke 'dreck'. His hatred extends so far as to wanting to apparently kill Luke, though when he was given the chance to in Yulia City he did not, and merely knocked him out.

Asch first saw Luke (after being kidnapped) when the Oracle Knights took over the land rover "Tartarus" in order to capture the Fon Master, Ion. Letting his hatred get the better of him, Asch attacked Luke, Tear, and Jade, only to be stopped by Largo (another Oracle Knight). Again, Asch saw Luke at Kaitzur when they tried to kidnap Ion once more.

When they finally did succeed in their kidnap attempts, Asch saw Luke twice more; the second last time Luke realized that he and Asch looked the same, and the final time (before Yulia city) Luke and Asch met at the Sephiroth tower. Not much happened between them--although when Luke and co. returned to Choral Castle after meeting Asch on the Tartarus, Dist the Rose (omfg he's so gay XD FLOATING PIMP!!!) opened all of Luke's fon slots so that Asch and Luke were perfectly in-tune. This meant that Asch could now control and speak to Luke--and ability he used in Chesadonia when he made Luke walk away from the inn, and then later turn his blade on Tear. The last time Asch used this ability before trying to kill Luke in Yulia city was in the desert Oasis, where Asch challenged Luke to catch up to him in the Zao Ruins East of there.

After knocking Luke out instead of killing him, Asch opened his consciousness so that Luke could see the world through his eyes as he traveled along with Luke's former companions. He showed Luke the full brunt of what he'd done to Akzeriuth and how poorly everyone thought of him. But once he'd found out what Van had attempted to do using Luke, Asch immediately separated from Luke's companions in order to try and stop Van from accomplishing his plans.

Personality-wise, Asch acts cold and unforgiving. He's aggressive and straightforward, and doesn't take crap from anyone. He hates weak people and those that don't think for themselves, and comes off unkind most of the time. Underneath that tough exterior, though, remnants of who he was as Luke fon Fabre still exist. It's because of these remnants that he saves Natalia from being attacked by monsters, and helps luke's companions--as long as it suited his needs. Asch always keeps his word, and is even capable of showing mercy at times. He basically acts like a cold-hearted guy--which he is--with the barest hints of kindness within that he masks with reason and logic.